Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Five

1. Heading out for camping today after work, probably our last camping trip since we have out cruise in Oct.
I am looking forward to relaxing, campfires, pie irons, napping and kayaking. Oh and some needed girl time.

2. My half marathon is coming up in 15 days...OMG...I am actually doing this and the nerves are starting up. Will need to quiet the monkey brain that is going on.

3. Took the day off yesterday to finish some house repairs. Painted the front fences and the trim around the garage. I was dead beat tired yesterday as I was up at 5am, got a 8 mile run in and painted from 10am to about 6pm with a 1.5 hr rest time.

4. Worried about Puma kitty. He is moving slowly and stumbled yesterday which was new. Might end up taking him to be checked when we return from camping. We have a friend checking on the kitties while gone.

5. We have 36 more wake ups till out cruise. I am getting excited and soo looking forward to a vacation

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Warrior Dash Ohio II

I took part in the Warrior Dash Ohio II this past Saturday. This was my second Warrior Dash and probably won't be my last.
I decided this year to run for a charity and became a St. Jude's Warrior. It felt good to raise money for a good cause . St Jude's had a tent there for those that raised a certain amount where there was private port o potty, showers and some food. I used the potty prior to the race but didn't return to the tent after. No reason why, just didn't get back there.
One of my major complaints was the price for parking. We had to pay $20 per car. On top of what I paid for the race, I think that was a bit steep.
I ran with 3 other women and we had a blast.
I will definitely do this again next year. Who knows maybe next year I can do the Tough Mudder.
We didn't go all out, one because I did not want injuries so close to  my first half marathon and two because one of our group struggled with knee pain and doing some running and obstacles.
I will let the pics tell the rest of the story.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 more days till....

The Warrior Dash!!!! Woot. I am running with 2 other people . One I know well-Carri , the other I just met once- Deb. Then I come to find out that one of my running group buddies is running it as well , so we are going to run it with her as  well. Should be a good group of us having fun and getting muddy. I am going to go cautiously, because I do not want injuries , because it is only......26 more days to my first Half!!

Sunday morning long runs are going well and so glad I met up with others to run. It makes time go faster and just enjoy the company. I really like the one lady Tracy. She and I keep pace well together!
Here we are after this past Sunday's 10 mile run.

After my long run, went home, breakfast and showered then headed out for a 7 mile bike ride with Terri and Dave. We had a blast. Felt good to get back on the bike. We stopped over at Szalay's Farm for produce shopping and lunch. Included turkey burger, roasted corn and ohhh this fabulous fresh fruit sundae.

We ate lunch and chatted and sat on a wonderful gliding picnic bench. Finished up and headed out as some storms were rolling through.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pro Compression Review

Not to long ago I received a couple pair of Pro Compression socks to test .
A little bit about the Pro Compression socks:

PRO Compression socks are designed specifically to deliver both maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The innovative design, lightweight construction and stabilizing zone make it one of the most comfortable, yet effective, running socks available.

 I have to say that at first I was excited and then  hesitant. Would they be too tight, would they cause issues in the toe area. Will they rub my skin around the knees and cause chafing?

I put the socks on a day after a long run and my first thought was.."ahhhh my legs thank you!" Literally my legs-calves felt comforted and rested.  I wore them around that day to help my legs recover and they have never been happier. I am tempted to even wear them to work under my pants to assist my legs as well.
Just to get this straight up front...I LOVE these socks.

The next test was to wear them on a couple runs. A long one and a mid length one. During both runs the socks felt part of my legs. The did not rub raw areas, there was no pressure on my toes and they fit snug to allow my legs not to feel over worked or tired. After the run my legs felt good and not fatigued. The are somewhat hard to get off sweaty legs but not a complaint just observation.  I am looking forward to wearing them on all my long runs and my first half coming up in Sept. In case I haven't told you I LOVE these socks.

I am definitely in love ....I am hoping to get a few more pairs of socks. Love the color selection on the website Pro Compression socks. The best part is they are made in the USA!!! I am now hooked and off to get more Pro Compression socks. So thank you Pro Compression and my legs thank you too! Lastly...I LOVE these socks.

Disclaimer-I was sent these products free to review on my blog -courtesy of Pro Compression. I did not pay for the items , receive payment for the review or agree to give a positive review.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Go Sport ID Review

I recently tested out some products sent to me from Go Sport ID.

I was sent one of their new Go Sport ID Singlets. I have to say I love the colors in the singlets and how soft it is against my skin. Per the website it states   " Combining the soft, breathable and wicking capabilities of COOLMAX ® ACTIVE performance fabric with a shape and cut built for runners".  
I would agree that it does a great job at wicking away the moisture. I wore it for a 5Mile race on a hot , humid morning. It helped to keep me cool through the race .  I also love the back with the saying " Push the Finish Line". Just knowing it was there was big motivation for me and hopefully for other runners who were needing the extra push. I would say 2 thumbs up on the Singlet.

The next item to try out was an Go Sport ID. I love this concept because in case of accidents it allows the information to be handy to rescue workers or other who assist you. You never know what might happen out there on runs and it is always a good idea to be prepared. Per Go Sport ID "Your Go Sport ID will deliver information to First Responders like your name and an emergency contact which will allow them to quickly obtain details about your health and alert your loved ones to the situation. It can communicate information about severe allergies or other chronic conditions in order to help get you the right life-saving medical treatment. Wearing a Go Sport ID is the right choice for safety and peace of mind.
Accidents happen, Go Sport ID is there when they do"

I was able to pick out a GO Sport ID. I chose the Go Sport Inspire. I love the fact that I can put a motivational saying on the front for me to see when I need it and the emergency contact information on the back. I wanted the silicone bands for the lightweight and durability features. The best part is the 8 band set with a variety of colors...because I like change and  all the colors!!! The band nor the surgical grade stainless steel plate sticks to my skin when sweaty and I didn't even feel it there during my runs. I loved being able to see my motivational push right there for me when some runs got hard.
I could not be happier with my Go Sport Inspire. Just wearing it gives me a sense of relief and I find myself wanting to wear it even when I am not running.
If I had 4 hands this would get a 4 thumbs up!!!!

Here is the website to go order one for yourself, loved one or both!. They are offering Free shipping as well.
Go Sport ID.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free to review on my blog-courtesy of Go Sport ID. I did not pay for the items, receive payment for the review or agree to give a positive review.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Winner Wednesday plus more

-I was a part of my first group run on Sunday. I ran 11.2 miles with 3 other gals. I couldn't have asked for better women to run with. Very supportive and encouraging. We might be doing another run this Sunday either 10-11 miles. Who knows maybe a picture next time. We had a nice downpour during this run which was a nice cool down. I might even join the bigger group Crooked River trail runners this Thursday evening for a trail run.

-Terri and I went to the Heinz Poll Ballet in the Park last Friday with my brother and sister in law. It was a Martha Graham Dance group. Loved it and we are looking to another in 2 weeks. Best parts- it is free and outside. Plus you can bring your own picnic dinner! I loved seeing the young dancers and the beautiful dances they perform.

- Met with the nutritionist for the second time yesterday. I am not getting enough daily carbs and need to also bump up my vegetable intake. She gave me a meal plan for run days and non run days. I want something to maintain a healthy weight yet refuel with my runs.

Ok, we have a winner for the Hippie Runner giveaway and it is Lori...Lori email me your address and I can get you the headbands and fuel belt. Winner was chosen from Thank you to all who entered.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One more day on giveaway--enter now!

One more day on the Hippie Runner Giveaway.....enter here.Giveaway!
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Loved this pic, just thought it was funny

Update to come yet on my first ever group run and a couple product reviews.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Giveaway reminder and Friday Five

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1. Excited to be going to the ballet in the park tomorrow night at Goodyear Park-Martha Graham Dance company puts on a spectacular show. Meeting my brother and sister in law for the show.

Here is a pic of me from this past Sundays race...just because.

2. I am loving the Olympics . Found a cool website that matches you to a Olympian in physical stature. Here is the site.. Olympic Match
Here is my match

3. Nice run this morning. Cooler temperatures and beautiful red morning sky. Plus the full moon still out in the background. Did 4.3 miles today .

4. Might do my first group run on Sunday for an 11 miles on the towpath. I am a little nervous about running with others yet intrigued.

5. Getting together with the 2 other girls who are running the Warrior Dash on the 25th with me. Planning costume or outfit ideas.  Any suggestions for fun, cool ideas?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This and that

-I am enjoying the Olympics. Loved watching the diving,swimming and gymnastics. Tonight went for an evening swim and was practicing the Jen version of the butterfly and breast stroke. It was not pretty.

-Got back into doing intervals on smaller runs this week. Feels good to push myself and I am amazed that I can run faster.

- Not a lot scheduled for this weekend except the Ballet in the park on Saturday night. It is a free event that brings out very talented dancers. Terri and I went last year and loved it. Might hit the farmers market and get a bike ride in.

-Only about 6 more weeks till my first half marathon....excitement is building.

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