Sunday, August 18, 2013

Picture update/recap

I figured this post would be a pictorial update on what I have been doing

My friend and running buddy Carri and I ran the Stark Parks 5K on August 10th. I figure with still coming back after Achilles tendinitis that finishing at 28:02 is pretty good.

Terri and I decided to go camping for a few days this past week. It was nice weather with no chances of rain and warmer than it has been. It has been a weird summer for Ohio. The temperature was actually in the 70's this past week!! Woot. We read, biked, kayaked and just relaxed.

 Love this view!
 Camp food is oh so good!
Kool-Aide Man visiting Terri at camp!
How cool that the playground had Teether Ball.

So my running is getting better and the Achilles Tendinitis is is going away as well. I feel some soreness in the other heel but I am doing exercises and stretches to assist. I also have a massage coming up to assist.

I am running a 10K in a couple weeks that I am excited about. I will be pacing Carri on her first 10K. The Hall of Fame City Challenge should be a good one.I am looking forward to running through downtown Canton, where I spent some years growing up.  I won an entry to the race through their Facebook page! Thank you Hall of Fame City Challenge. I am grateful to be able to pace my running buddy ! Maybe next year I can do the Half marathon.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Out of hiding

Not that I meant to stay away and hide from the blogging world recently.

Just seemed like a lot going on and no real itch to blog.

House is up for sale and on the market. We have an open house this weekend, so we have been busy working on the house and getting it ready.

I am released to run again but slow increase of one of the following each week- distance, intensity or frequency.

I went to Fleet Feet for a new pair of shoes. Not sure about them yet, and they say I have moved out of neutral shoe to one with more support since I pronate. I feel more sore in them after I run than I did with my neutrals , but will try one more run to see what happens. Maybe I just need to get used to them.

I have a few items to review and write about coming up as well. I am excited to share about these products.