Thursday, October 25, 2012

Well this just bites

Several updates since I have been behind on blogging. I will try to put in order of timing.

-We went on the cruise 10/7 to 10/14. Terri, Lori, Moni and I had a good time. We left out of Baltimore and went to Grand Turk, Freeport and Half Moon Cay Bahamas. We laughed a lot, read and ate way too much. The seas were quite rocky which I really did not care for.

-Got ambushed with bad news last week. My step dad's cancer is back on his lip, my 94 yr old grandma is having difficulty with her bowels and there is a major concern of something that they are doing testing 10/31 and my dad is having hernia surgery on the same day.

-Ran the Bowman Cup 5k in Kent Ohio on 10/20/2012 at Kent State University. It was a very chilly morning . One of the first races I went to on my own. Ran a PR in 26:37. I grew lighting legs overnight.

-Spent last Sunday with a 7.6 mile morning run and then a 4 mile bike ride with a stop at Szalay's farm for lunch and some produce. Great fall day spent with Terri.

-Tues morning out for a run. I have started to love my dark mornings and wearing headlamps. Not sure how the events unfolded exactly but slowed to look behind me for traffic to cross the road and either slipped on wet leaves or hit a crevice in the road. I rolled my ankle and went down. It hurt like a @#$%^&. I got up started to walk it off, telling my self not to be a wimp, I just sprained it. It started feeling better and I went back to my run for a total of 3.2ish miles. Made it home and showered. Worked from home so went to work. An hour or so later got up to go bathroom and could hardly walk on it. It also looked like a half of baseball. Later after work at urgent care.....fractured on the bottom tip of fibula. Saw my Orthopedist yesterday and small avulsion fracture and lots of ligament damange. Bad news healing of 5-6 weeks. Placed in air cast . Will see  MD again in 2-3 weeks . If not healing then a boot cast. Woke this am with more pain than the last 2 days. This is going to be a long 5-6 weeks. Good news is I can catch up on blogging , reading, and I am not currently training for a race.