Friday, June 29, 2012

Five for Friday!

1. Getting ready to head out for camping this weekend into next week for about 5 days. We have the campsite on the lake which hopefully will give us a breeze and a break from the 90 degree weather we are expecting. Kayaking, swimming, reading and relaxing is on the agenda, Just downloaded Fifty shades of gray to the Kindle to read. I am anxious to see what all the hoopla is about.

2. I took a break from running on Tues. I realized with the help of my wellness coach and Terri that I was fatigued from not getting enough calories. I ran on Wed only to get some IT band pain on the right knee. I am taking today off from running and hope that by Sat or Sun I can get a run on. Motrin and ice are my friends right now.

3. I was notified by the Be the Match -Marrow Registry that I am a potential match for someone needing bone marrow. It is in the early stages but should know if it is a go or not in the next 2 months. I am honored to potentially donate for someone in need.

4. Our insurance at work is changing and we are losing out Wellness plan which includes my coach who is a runner and has been my coach for the last year. I wanted to cry. I now have to pull on big girl panties and be my own coach and muddle through on my own. Kinda scared even more so with my first Half Marathon coming in Sept.

5. We had our cruise talk last Sunday. 4 of us are going on a cruise in Oct to the Caribbean . We are excited!!

PS -CG found a comfy bed in a empty basket we were going to get rid of. How cute. He hides there a lot now.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot Dog!

It turned out to be  a beautiful day yesterday for my 1st Annual Anniversary run with the Jim Klett 5K.
Terri, her daughter and grandson and a good friend Moni came out to support me for the race. I was nervous- just the usual pre race nervous, nothing big. It also looked like it was going to be a hot one. Into the 80's by race time. I am still not acclimated to the warmer weather and I usually run around 6am when it is much cooler.

I felt like I got punk'ed coming out of the porta potty! Thanks Terri~

Lots of people running this year. I had no expectations of how I would do. I had my 3 goals. 1st one is to always finish. 2nd one was to be sub 29 and the 3rd was sub 28.

I might have started off a little to fast for me but I got in a groove and kept with it. I had a woman in front of me that I kept pace with and stayed right behind her the entire race.

I finished strong with a unofficial time of dog that was good. I would have liked it to be less than that, but I am proud of myself. Given the heat. I actually had to do a walk period during the race due to heat.  I like to think that it helped me finish strong.
We stuck around for the awards. I had no expectations, not sure where I placed.
Who would have know that I got 1st place in my age group!!!!! Woot!!!!
I got my first award!!!! We so were not expecting it or Terri would have gotten my picture.

I feel so proud of myself today. Today I celebrate me being a runner. I would have never thought that over a year ago I would ever call myself a runner.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Crazy catch up

Seems like life has been crazy lately, well heck it has.

I was honored to take my great nephew Conner on his first boy scout camp out and he had a blast. I am an avid camper and love the outdoors. To be able to share this joy with him was wonderful. Best quote of the weekend was upon waking on his first night in a tent was "So you like doing this kinda stuff, huh?"-Priceless.

Prior to Memorial Day camping, Terri's daughter and grandson moved in with us, unexpected breakup with her husband. So we were busy moving her in and getting ready for camp. Crazy busy and hectic.
Memorial Day camping was great and hot but the breeze off the lake was nice. Lots of activities, a parade and kayak races. i came in 2nd under adults and could have gotten 1st but stopped to check on someone who tipped over into the lake to make sure they are were ok. That to me was more important than winning the race.

My running was off this week due to me having a medical procedure. Everything is fine but back up and running this morning with 3.1 miles....woot woot

Tomorrow is the Jim Klett Memorial 5k. This race is going to be my anniversary race. One year ago I ran my first ever 5k at this race. I will be running it again tomorrow. It is a small venue with not a lot of people or great swag but it has special meaning to me. Besides the Farmers Market is right next to the race and it will be fun going there afterwards for some good veggies and homemade pastas. Last year my time at the race was 34:34, will be interesting to see what I run it in tomorrow. I have my goals and will see how they pan out.

Cruise talking. We have our cruise on Oct 8th to the Caribbean . We are so excited. Discussing hotels, the drive and formal wear. There is four of us going !! Woot~

This weekend will be 14 weeks till my first Half Marathon!!! I am excited and scared at the same time. Am I  delusional  that I can actually do this? I am not looking for a certain time on my first one, I just want to complete it.

My sister is getting married again on 6/16. We the girls in the family took her out for a celebration dinner. Had loads of laughter and fun. I am her maid of honor per se and as a gift she and Terri conspired to get me a Endorphin Warrior Bracelet. Pic to come yet but it is soo awesome. It says Conquer! How awesome is that. Here is a pic of my big sister Dee and I, she looked away ...darn it.