Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Strava Run App for IPhone review

Let's face it , there are a lot of running/GPS trackers or apps out there for us to use. How do we know which ones to use and how good are they?

I have used several apps over the course of a few years- Runtastic, Mapmyrun, Runkeeper , Live-strong and Endomondo. I finally settled into the Runkeeper and found that it fit my needs and was user friendly for me.I do not use a GPS watch since my phone is always on me when I run outside for safety measures.

I was asked to review a fairly new running app on my IPhone with Strava. At first I was reluctant to try another running app since I found one that was working but I decided to give it a try.I did use Strava at the same time as my other app to keep track of the miles on my current shoes.

The app is free on your Iphone or Android but you can upgrade to premium. I did my review based on the free version.

There is a big social aspect of this app with challenges with others on the Strava community,  tracking runs of your friends on Strava and joining challenges with other runners . It allows you to find other athletes and friends and lets you track their running or cycling activities.You can comment on others runs and achievements and vice versa. Strava also offers a separate cycling app.

The record area of the app is very simple to use. Just press the center red button and go. That simple. To pause just press the center button again. When you are finished there is a checker board button to the right of the center button. Press that and you are done.
You can participate and compete with others across the nation who use the app. They vary from fastest time, to distance challenges.It ranks you and your effort during the challenge and how awesome would you feel if you were in the top percentile of thousands of other runners?

With this app you can keep track of all your runs with the details of distance, average pace ,elevation and calories burned. I loved how you can see your splits and pull up the map section during the run to see where you are, how far you have went and where you have to go yet.

This app has a lot to offer even without the upgrading to premium.With premium you can pay $5.99/month or $59.99/year. You then will get real time segments a, pace zone analysis , suffer score (how hard you are working to how hard you think you are doing) and leader board to see where you stack up against others.


Monthly challenges
Fast GPS signal
Connect with other for support and motivation
Map and measure your progress
Ability to see where you rank against others
Easy to navigate site/app
Easy to manually add activity(when you run inside on dreadmill)
Easy to change activity to walk , hike, etc
Runs well with other apps at the same time


None that I can think of

Overall I am pleased with this app and it just might become my go to app for running and keeping track of my miles/runs. I found this app to be reliable, accurate and easy to use.I like the social aspects and challenges that other apps do not offer.

Go visit Strava or find it on your IPhone or android to download. Give it a try, I do not think you will be disappointed.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Three for Thursday

1. Look what I found at the local GW store and at first did not buy it but I kept thinking about it and wanting it. So Terri was kind enough to go back and get it for me. A vintage Ben Cooper Strawberry Shortcake costume. Not sure if I will modify it to wear it or just wear the mask and adapt some other clothing to make it fit.

2. I signed up for my first trail series race. I know I will be running it slower but I am going to enjoy it and have fun with it. OhioOutside trail series. We get a hoodie and on each race we get a beer glass!!

3. Happy Fall