Sunday, July 7, 2013

Going, Going, Going

Yes, that is right I think my Achilles tendinitis is going , going, going and soon to be gone.

After one week of different running form, flat running surface and no more than 3 miles every other day,
I think the recovery is going well . I am less discouraged and more enthusiastic about how my tendinitis is doing.

I was even able to run a 2 mile race on Independence Day. Now I did not push myself and still ran it in 19 minutes. I did not know there was hills so I walked up the larger hill.  If I was not injured I can only imagine what I could do. I feel the speed in me and want to release it but the injuries hold me back at times.

I have an appointment with the physical therapist on Wednesday to see how I am doing and I will ask when I can increase speed, mileage and elevation. I know I need to follow their return to running plans and be good!

I have a couple races in my future I want to do. The one I signed up for was the Run to the Wall 5k . Terri, my sister ,niece and sister in law are walking it and I will be running. It funds a local Veteran's Memorial Park. Run to the Wall 5K/10K

I am also hoping to run with my friend Carri on her first 10 in September at the Hall of Fame City Challenge I want to pace her and support her through this run!! I also was to run the July 28th Pro Football Hall of Fame 5miler, there is a Stark in the Park 5k In Navarre as well. All of these are up in the air, depends on how my recovery continues.