Friday, January 25, 2013

Feeling wimpy and sluggish

This week has been totally off.

I have not run since this past Sunday. I have some good excuses and some not good excuses.

It started on Saturday morning , as I was on my way to Home Depot . My coworker called me to tell me a fellow coworker- Mike  who also happens to be the son of the owner of our company(Karen) died that morning in a freak accident. Apparently after dropping his girlfriend off at home, Mike was at the entrance ramp to the highway when high winds caused a tree to fall on his car, causing massive internal damages which lead to his death.
It was like the floor dropped out. Mike was 37 years old. I remember just seeing him walk through the office the week prior. Hard to believe someone so young can pass so quickly through life. Work on Monday was so solemn it was not a good day emotionally. The calling hours were last night and the funeral is today. My other coworker Cheryl who happens to be Mike's aunt just held on to me at the calling hours and sobbed. I did not have the words to comfort my friend. I feel so sad for the family and my friends. Cheryl shared with me she is questioning a lot and I know she means spiritually. My hope and wishes are for her peace  and for her to find some answers to her doubts.

What other excuses do I have for not running. Dentist appointment that runs longer than I expected, hair cut appointments that were rescheduled from last week. Oh and below freezing temperatures and freezing wind chills. Now I normally do not mind running in the cold, I just dress appropriately. But I have a new fear after my ankle fracture. I am fearful to run in the dark ( available times this week to run) when there is ice and frozen snow on the roads.I do have Yaktrak but the roads are some clear and some ice/snow, so it is not consistent  I am afraid of hurting my ankle and/or something else. I know I am going to have to push through this but I am voicing it , in hopes to get over it.

Sooo I have so felt like a slug this week. Next week will NOT be like this , I won't have it.
I am planning runs this Saturday and Sunday.

Terri is having surgery this Monday to have her gallbladder out. I know she is nervous but she is ready to feel better. She will have me as a personal nurse!

I have a Frostbite 5k Prediction race on 2/2 that I am looking forward to.

I did walk on the work Tread climber yesterday. I had 30 minutes to walk. I did 25 minutes. Not to self, take off your sweater before walking at incline in a hot corner of the back office. It faced the window but I also had to look at the storage of Christmas decorations and other discarded things from the office. I felt like I was banished to the back room....well I was.

How do you all push through low motivation, life issues and bad weather to get your runs in?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conjunction junction what's your function?

Thanks to a friend I was reminded that today is the 40th anniversary of School House Rocks!  My favorites are Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here and The Body Machine.
File:School House Rock!.png

Terri and I went to see Lincoln this past Friday night and I loved it. I sat there and didn't even realize the movie was almost 3 hrs. Daniel Day Lewis was spectacular in the movie. Afterwards we ate at Zeppe's Pizzeria  I had a Californian Pizza with brocolli, artichokes and mushrooms. It was sooo good.

This past weekend was beautiful here in Akron. I ran 8 miles Saturday morning and then Terri and I went for   a bike ride on the bike and hike trails. We had to do a little dodging of some residual ice on the trails. Well worth it for some fresh air.

Trying my hand at some artsy things. I bought a sock loom and I am learning to knit and loom my own socks. I might have one sock by Christmas time.

Running wise- I am climbing back up in my miles. I am now about 12-17 miles a week and will keep increasing. I am a little more sore after runs but it is a good sore.
I signed up for my first race this year the Frostbite Prediction 5k  Here. I predicted a slower pace on purpose as to not push myself to hard out of the gates.
I am looking at doing the Erie PA Presque Island Half Marathon this year 9/15/13 and might try my hand at a local small half marathon On my own two feet. it takes place on 4/20 and it benefits local survivors of domestic violence.

Also want to say I love Pro Compression and how they feel.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Injinji ToeSock Review

I was given the opportunity to try and review some Injinji socks from Jenny at Outside PR. She sent me 3 pairs. Two Original weight mini  crew socks- One pair black and another in white. The third pair were lightweight in no show style in blue and grey colors.

I have  never tried toe socks before and thought it would be interesting to give them a test . Honestly I thought I would not like these. I put them on at first to walk around the house to see how they felt. At first it was a little weird having material between my toes but I quickly got used to it.
I have a few funky toes and was not sure how these would work with my toes. Putting them on is a breeze. With my weird toes, I just needed to make sure they were pulled over the toes enough.

See funky toes -the last two toes...don't be jealous !

I was really surprised the first time I went for a run with these . I wore the original weight ones on the first run which was about 3 miles. I was not able to feel the material in between the toes part itself. It was like any other sock but more comfortable.

According to the company information they help with proper toe alignment for natural feet, help protect from blisters and hot spots and they help with moisture management.
 These are the Original weight mini crew in black.
 Lightweight sock in no show style.( Bad angle looks like I have a cankle!) 
Original weight in mini crew style.

I decided to wear these socks on a 6 mile run in the snow and cold temperatures around 20 degrees . I decided to wear the original weight white mid crew. I was very pleasantly surprised at how they kept my feet warm and dry. I was even running through some deep snow. At the end of the run my feet were very happy. No sore spots, no blisters , toasty warm and dry. The socks fit like a glove. There are no sagging areas and no extra material at the heel or ankle area.
The next day I ran with a friend on the same snowy trails for 8 miles and wore the original mid crew sock . It was after this run that I realized, I LOVE these socks. My feet were so happy with me and with the socks. I am sold and now find myself grabbing for these socks on all my runs. I am going to have to add to my sock stock with the Injinji socks!  

-Helps in protection from blisters or sore spots.
-Great quality with affordable prices
-Excellent fit
-Nice selection on styles and colors.

-A little longer time to get socks on into proper position with toes

Here is a little more information technically wise on the socks:

The blue/grey pair are lightweight and they are also no show.  They are also 75% Cool Max  22% Nylon and 3% Lycra so you know they are comfortable on long runs.  They kept my feel cool and because the toes are separate, I had less sweat on my feet at the end of a run.   .  I did like the thinness of the sock.  These are the thinnest running socks I've ever owned and I liked that quality in them. 

The black and white pairs are Original weight and they are mini-crew length.  They are 70% Cool Max  25% Nylon and 5% Lycra.  Again, these were really comfortable to run in.  They also kept my feel from sweating and while they were a heavier weight,   I also love the mini-crew length and the fact that the original weight kept my feet warm and dry in colder wet conditions. 

Interested in more on these socks? Give them a try and I am sure you will be surprised at the quality and comfort like I was.

Injinji Website Here

Injinji Facebook Here

Injinji Twitter Here

** I was given 3 pair of socks in exchange for the review. I was not required to give positive review and all views and opinions are my own.