Sunday, February 26, 2012

First time

I set out for a long run this am on the towpath trails that I love to run. I know I wanted to try and push farther that I have yet. As soon as I was into a grove the mind monkeys started to chatter. I was telling myself - you are going too slow, you aren't going to make it a long time, really you think you can run far? I finally said stop and put my mind to thinking more positive thoughts. I told myself no matter what distance I run today , it will be fine.
I ended up going my longest run yet. I ran 8.1 miles in 1:25 and some  odd seconds. Woot. I felt great during and after the run.
Ended up treating to breakfast of Panera bagels . Yummy!

Went for my first sports massage. It felt relaxing but I was looking for more technical side of sports massage, not just relaxing. I will try a new therapist for that in about 2 weeks.

Submitted my time for a fellow blogger's Virtual 10K. Hiker Mom at Livin the fit life hosted a 10K virtual race in honor of Grandma Lill's 95th birthday. I clocked the time at 1:08

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm back!

I was able to run some intervals yesterday at the gym for a total of 3 miles and it felt good.
I woke this morning with my knee feeling good still a went for a 6.8 mile trail run. It felt soooo freaking awesome. The were not a lot of people on the trail and wildlife was spectacular. The colors on the blue jays and cardinals were so vibrant. I ran along the Cuyahoga River for a short bit. It was flowing fast today.

I decided to give the Gel Bot hydration bottle a try. I won it in a give away from Running Diva Mom(thank you) . The first try with gel to begin with was not good. I tried a new flavor this time Blueberry Pomegranate and I liked it much better. The Gel bot worked ok but I think with the cold temps 29-30 degrees the gel was hard to get out of the bottle. I  will be trying again in warmer temps.

Picked up some bagels at Panera bread for breakfast..yum!

Kicked back and relaxed for the day. Decided to make soups. Terri made Zuppa Toscana and I made vegetable barley soup.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day joy!

Went running this morning for the first time in a week. It was a short run and slow but I enjoyed every minute of it none the less.
Woke to more snow this am. I was nervous about running in snow with no traction add ons to my shoes. I just took my time and went slow. Akron City doesn't clear roads that well. Sidewalks around here are rarely ever cleared by residents.
It snowed my whole run and the best part was the snowflakes on my eyelashes and the quiet. It was like stolen moments if that makes sense.
It just felt right.
Post run!

After warm shower, I made Valentine's Day breakfast for Terri of eggs, sausage and a pancake! A treat for both of us. I feel blessed to have a wonderful partner in Terri and try to show her my love every day!

It's a good day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Running on hold

My left knee seems to be aggravated again and swelling. No pain, just somewhat swollen.
I have not run since last Wed. The orthopedist states no running while swollen. It is feeling better and not as swollen. Will do some cross training tonight and maybe a run tomorrow is it remains good through cross training.
I get frustrated when it gets like this but I just need to be patient and rest it. If I consider the years of roughing my knees up with softball and volleyball, I am grateful to run at this point.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Just a shout out to Running with Jennie- I won the LaraBar giveaway you did . Thank you!!
These were very yummy! I had the bar pre run yesterday and it worked well!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend race recap

I did it. I completed my first 10K on 2/5/2012 at the Canton Pro Football Hall Of Fame Big Game 10k.
I was super nervous and was worried that I would be the last one to cross the finish line. After I talked with Terri, I settled with the fact that it would be ok if I did come in last. It would mean that at least I tried and started.
I ended up coming in at 1:05:37...not to shabby. As I was drinking chocolate milk for recovery and cheering others crossing the finish line, I waited around and got to see the last runner come it. It did me good to see her smile and know she accomplished her race.
Pre- race, standing in race start line.

Post race recovery. Those that know me know I hardly drink and never after a race. Gave the beer to Terri and stuck with the yummy chocolate milk!
Check out the bling...I am super excited to get my first racing medal!

A couple of things I noticed with this race
-I am not sure about runners dropping gel packs various places on race route.

-I don't understand a race where there is only maybe 2 volunteers cheering in runners at the finish line. Besides significant others, it was a weak cheering section. Other runners stood around talking and recovering but not supporting others coming in. Having not been to a lot of bigger races, I am not sure if this is a common finding.

Sunday night, relaxed with some pizza and last Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows part 2. Sore but felt good.
Monday I felt like I was hit by a mac truck. I have never felt so sore and achy post run. I was also running a low grade temp. Instead of going to gym for cross training, I hit the bed and rested and slept. Today I feel better. Not sure if it was a bug, or post run.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Must be nervous

The last two nights I have had dreams about races and running.

Monday night I had a dream that I was in line for my bib and registration and did not have the proper ID or paperwork and was sent back to the end of the line that was over a mile long and the race was soon starting. I was trying to get Terri to help me or stand in my place at the start line.

Last night's dream had me running a marathon, not sure where but I couldn't find the start line and when I did I had my jacket and 2 purses on me . Once I unloaded the gear, started running but this guy was giving me a run for my money, every time I sped up he matched it, like he didn't want me ahead of him. We  followed the route into a building and had to take a  conveyor belt  that dropped me off at an Italian restaurant which was on the opposite side of town from the marathon.

Each night I woke with a start. Not sure what the dreams mean but I must be nervous about the upcoming 10k.