Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pic Post

I want this shirt BAD!

Wearing my new Run Happy shirt

Terri setting off on a bike ride as I do a 7 mile run.

Mom and I at Mother's Day! I had to teach her silly face picture taking!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Five

Wow life has been busy busy busy!!

1.  I had a great road trip with my sister last week to Fort Benning Georgia to see my nephew Nick graduate basic training. We did some sight seeing. We visited FDR's Little White House, Providence Canyon State Park (Georgia's little Grand Canyon),and Stone Mountain. We were also able to visit with family on the way down and back of the trip. Also several days were spent with my nephew and 2 of his buddies , who did not have family show up for them on family day or graduation day.( We adopted them).
                               My nephew Nick in middle and his two buddies Jason and Austin.

2. I took a week and half off running during the recent trip. Mainly because my Achilles tendon area was bothersome after my half marathon .I still made it to the hotel gym a couple of times for walking on treadmill and the elliptical. It was hard to not run in new places on the trip but I also enjoyed walking and hiking with my family.

3. We are preparing for camping on Memorial Day weekend.  I just repaired the cast iron dutch oven and skillet that had some rust on them and re-seasoned them this morning. We love cast iron cooking! I am looking for new recipes.

4.One of the favorite spots we saw on the trip was  Providence Canyon State Park. I would love to return there and camp down in the canyons. We didn't get down in the canyons due to not having the proper footwear and we did not preregister. I might have to add this to my bucket list.

5. I had a hard run last night with Michael. Several things came into play...my stomach/colon has not been regular since my trip, it was hot and I have not acclimated to the heat yet, and it was 5pm ( I am a morning runner). I felt bad for Michael. I had to stop and walk some and ended up running into the gas station to go to the bathroom. I was trying to be in the moment with him and enjoy our time running ,and  not the time on the watch. He was very patient with me and I appreciate that. That is what makes a good running partner and friend. Thanks Michael.