Friday, September 6, 2013

My Road ID Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Road ID  product of my choice. I have wanted one for awhile and just procrastinated on get Road ID even though I thought it was a good idea
We all know safety is a big deal for runners. It is a dangerous place out there sometimes and being safe is so important.

Source-Road ID

I was sent an E Gift card to go online and personalize my own Road ID.
I immediately went online and got started.  The site was really easy to navigate and there were several options to choose from.  I chose the wrist ID sport because I thought I would use it most.  I started to build my ID by measuring my wrist with a dollar like instructed, chose my size and went on to the next step, filling in all kinds of information!  I wasn't really sure what I wanted to put in here, I mean there is a lot to choose from, but the site gave perfect examples of what to put, how to abbreviate things and gave suggestions I wouldn't have thought of.  AND you can see what it will look like while you type.

Source-Road ID
Source - Road ID

Once I was done filling everything out (including my name, city, birth year, 3 emergency contact phone numbers, and any allergies or medical history I might have), I got a preview and hit submit.  The site said it would take 7 – 10 days to get to my house. It came pretty quick.
I have since worn it on every run ! It is very comfortable and I love the feel and knowing I am safe. It doesn't rub and takes pretty quick to dry from my sweaty skin. I have not noticed that it holds odors either.

Here is the back side of my ID, since I do not want to show my personal information. The straps come in a variety of colors to chose from and you can even just order extra straps if you want to be fashionable and change out every once in awhile!

I also got a  Road ID visor which has a lot of reflective materials for safety and the cool max material for quick drying. I was unsure on the elastic strap in the back and no adjust ability but it is actually very comfortable . It has become my go to visor now!
Per Road ID: 

The Road ID Visor, custom made by Headsweats, is based on the most popular visor design in the triathlon market. Made from COOLMAX® fabric, this sweet-looking lid wicks away moisture for optimum comfort and performance. And at only 1.3 ounces, you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down. As an added safety feature for those of you training at dusk or dawn, we integrated highly-reflective piping around the front bill and sides of the hat to help motorists see you in the dark. One size fits all.

During my order I also purchased  a Road ID as a gift for Terri , so when she is bike riding she will feel safe and secure as well.

I am so happy with my Road ID and feel blessed to have been able to get my ID and do a review for them.

I recommend Road ID to all my active friends and family who walk, run, bike, and swim. What ever activity you do, stay safe and get a Road ID!

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**I was given this product free in exchange for my review. Thoughts and opinions are all my own and I was not required to give a positive feedback**

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  1. I love my Road ID! I have one that velcros onto my running shoes but I might have to get a bracelet too:) Easier to take on and off.