Friday, September 20, 2013

Medical Scare

I have been distracted lately... a mind has been else where.

Why because I was dealing with some swollen lymph nodes and the surgeon scheduled me for a lymph node biopsy and rule out lymphoma that throws your world through a loop.

Tuesday morning I went to the OP surgery center. I was soo nervous....beyond belief.
Putting on my best smile.

On the upside, I got to try out my new spectacles from Zenni....LOVE them and the price for them.

The procedure went well and the nurses and surgeon were great. Tuesday night was rough with some pain. The incision was in the crook of my neck. I took Wed off work because of lack of sleep and just didn't feel great.

Back to work Thursday . I went in to the office and knew I had a long day starting at 730am all the way through a meeting into the night that lasted till 730pm. What made my day better? Getting a call from the surgeon saying that the pathology report was negative!!!!!

~~Happy Dance Happy Dance~~~

Such a weight lifted off my shoulders and Terri and my loved ones. We were so worried.

What now?
Well I have to wait till next Tuesday to run, yes I am counting the days.
I am signing up for the Christmas Story 10K in Cleveland that runs to the Christmas Story home and back and you can get a medal with a leg lamp on it.!!
Also looking at some other runs and races for the fall.
I am also trying out a new App on my IPhone ..Strava, Have you tried it yet? If not here is the link Strava

What races are you running?

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