Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Five

1. So I have been noticing that I have a ravenous appetite on the days that I do not run, but on run days I struggle to get the nutrition that I need . I read this article through Active Insider on what happens on a 0 minute run. At the end your dopamine levels are high which helps to curb your appetite....Duh! I should have known that. Now just to figure out what to do on non run days with my eat everything in sight appetite.


So all this being said it did't help that my coworker brought these into work yesterday....I craved and had a half of dark chocolate whip.

2. I read the Runners 10 Commandments and loved it. Here it is for your enjoyment as well.

3. I wish I had a cool would that be. Sort of like Atreyu and Falkor from the Neverending Story....yes this was a favorite movie of mine.

4. I am back into a groove of running. This weekend will be a little weird with going to Columbus to help a friend move. I am hoping to get some miles on dreadmill in hotel tomorrow morning before move . I am looking forward to seeing my bestie Lori and help her move. I am so happy for her.

5. Funnies for today...I love this

Happy weekend everyone
What are your plans this weekend?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ready...and go

I am back up and running. Feeling better and better each day. Still some tiredness but I know that will improve with time. I was probably running with mono prior to the diagnosis because for several weeks I would tell Terri that I was tired and exhausted -that is just not like me.

I ran 3 miles on Saturday, 3 miles on Sunday and 5 miles this morning....Ohh running I missed you!!

What else is new?

I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!!! Working on my bio and profile. Excited to be part of the team.

I fixed a fantastic breakfast Sunday morning...Love avocados!

 I went to Vertical Runner in Hudson Ohio this past Sunday while the Mizuno Representative was there. Alise was very helpful and answered a lot of my questions on more lighter weight shoes. Decided to get the Mizuno Ronin 5. I will have to ease into them as to not cause injuries.

Terri and I are traveling to Columbus this weekend to help a friend move. Good friends mean the world to me.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Five- Pictorial version


Feeling better, getting stronger and less tired as time moves forward.

My version of Friday 5 with pictures

1. New socks to wear on the  Shamrock 15k I signed up to run on 3/16. This is a new distance for me. Need to add more to the outfit!

2. I have been wanting to learn yoga. Picked up a nice yoga mat to begin. Looking forward to starting yoga!Got the mat on discount at Marshall's. Fell in love with the store and all the discounted running gear they have. Must...go...back!

3. Oh another great find at Marshall's were these fancy gloves for winter running. My running buddy Michael found them and I was envious....had to get a pair for myself. They have winter protection with the glove or the hide away wind protection of the mitten aspect.

4. Our work has a old fashioned Valentine box contest. Still waiting to hear who the winners are. Here is my box. It brought back so many feel good memories as I decorated it and also did my Valentine's. I chose Scooby Doo with suckers and Transformers!! I am an 80's child through and through.

5. I received some awesome organic chocolate covered strawberries from a local natural market from Terri for Valentine's...I love her!
BTW they are scrumptious

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Ye, s I am 40 and just got Mono and add on that a sinus infection.  No wonder I have been feeling so exhausted and that my runs just did not have the normal energy. Plenty of rest and fluids for me.
Hopefully soon the infection will clear and I can work on gaining back some strength.

But hey the good news is that I ordered some new socks from Pro Compression. I love my black and white marathon socks but this girl needs color in her life. I ordered the new sock of the month . Thanks to Stuftmama for posting these on your blog . I got the orange and these new puppies!

They are offering these at 40% off and free shipping. Visit Pro Compression to get a pair of these.
The 40% off is for the neon green/pink only and while supplies last. Use the code SOM213.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is it February already?

I am not sure where the week went but it is the end of the weekend already.

My new running buddy-Michael  and I did a very snowy and hard run on a snowy trail last Sunday for 7.3 miles. The trail was packed with snow and made traction very hard. I came off the trail with sore muscles and feeling like I had saddle butt from riding a horse too

I want to share my special hat hair after running picture with you

Monday Terri had laproscopic gallbladder surgery. Having never had surgery before she did great. Minimal pain . She had a HUGE gallstone and the doctor said that she should start to feel better. She has done great with her recovery and I am very proud of her.

I ran my first 5k race yesterday. It was the Frostbite Prediction race in Munroe falls and boy was it a frost bite one. The starting temps were around 12 and it was snowy all day.The race was put on by the Summit Athletic Running Club. It was a fun race and very small venue. I think 225 registered and because of the weather only 175 ran. The race was set up nice and the swag was a great jacket. The cons to the race were that after the race was in an open pavilion and no heat or fire. We had to wait for the rest of the runners before the awards. Let's just say it got really cold after running and sweating and cooling back off. They did had a nice snack bag of hot chocolate and banana,muffin,cheese crackers and nuts. I was so cold I only drank my coco and ate the banana. The awards were kind of cheesy and the there was a door prize table that had left over tshirts and items for years past.
I predicted that I would finish at 31:20 not knowing how my ankle would be when I first registered. I finished at 30:28- 52 seconds off my prediction. It put me in 48th place. Not to shabby.Overall I enjoyed the race and would do it again.

On Friday my brothers Bob, Bryan and I entered the NEO Roller Derby Chili cook-off. We had a table of family competition. My brother Bryan won for People's choice. He is on the left in the picture.

Terri came with me to cheer me on, she is a great cheerleader! I love her !

This morning I went out for a nice 6.3 mile run. Not sure if I did not stretch enough or the cold, my hamstring cramped in my left leg and I had to slow down and actually stop to stretch. That was a first.

Hope everyone has a great week!