Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hippie Runner review and giveaway!!

I was lucky enough to be sent some Hippie Runner products to try and review and then host my first giveaway.

I was given a couple  4Headbands and a Go belt to try.

Let's start with the headbands . They were bright  vibrant colors and lightweight. Very stretchy to handle all size heads. I loved that it blocked the sweat from dripping in my face and  was very breathable- it did not hold the heat in . There was no sliding and I was worried about that with my shorter hair.
I have no bad things to say about the headbands.
Before run

After run and headband still looks awesome!

Ok onto the Go Belt. It is an expandable fuel belt that has gel loops and race number attachments. It has two pockets in the front that will hold pretty much any phone. It held my IPhone with case still on with no difficulty. I loved that it was snug and did not move at all on my long 8 mile run. I couldn't even tell it was there after awhile. I just wish it had a water holder . I had to use my handheld for hydration during my run.
I wore it a second time during my 5Miler of the Pro Football HOF run this past Sunday so I could try out the race bib holder on it. At first it was nice to have the race bib lower and secure but the attachments move and my race bib tore on one corner , even before the race. I scrambled to get it secured prior to the start.

Overall on the Go Belt, I like it but just would not use it for holding my race bibs.

Overall impression is that Hippie Runner is awesome and ROCKS!


OK now you too can have a chance to win some Hippie Runner gear. The people at Hippie Runner have offered to give runners headbands and a belt.

Here is how to enter:

 Become a follower of my blog and comment that you did.

Winner will be chosen  August 8th and done by random.org
Good luck.

Disclaimer-Hippie Runner provided me with the products to try out and I was under no obligation to provide a positive review of the product.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KT Tape review

We have all had problem areas or injuries from running. I know for me when I have to take rest days due to pains or injuries , that it can be discouraging. It can also mess up a training program as well if not given sufficient time to rest and heal.
Enter in KT Tape .
Instead of rest/pain relievers , you can apply the KT tape to help with pain relief and increase the circulation to the problem area.
Most of my issues with running has been IT Band syndrome. When I prepared for a long run this past Saturday , I noted I was having some tightness and soreness at my Achilles tendon. I decided this was perfect time to try the KT Tape.
The video instructions on the website for application is short and easy to understand. The instructions are straightforward.

I did not feel  the tape once my sock and shoe were on and after awhile I forgot that it was even there. I will say it would be best to make sure you have shaved any hairs prior to application. : ). Not sure how guys would feel about shaving the hair off but might present a problem with tape removal.

I put in 8.5 miles with the KT tape and did great. My Achilles tendon area was not as sore and the KT tape was still in place and no rolling or pinching . The tape pulled off with no issues. I would recommend using counter pulling with your skin while removing tape for more ease.

Overall I am very pleased with the KT tape and would use it again as well as recommend it to others.

I recommend checking out the Online store and follow them on FACEBOOK

Disclaimer- KT Tape Pro provided me with the product to try out and I was under no obligation to review. I was also under no obligation to give a positive review of the product.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Frenzy

Got a jam packed weekend.
Tonight meeting up with some friends(we grew up together) at Quaker Steak and Lube...bring on the wings.

Tomorrow is a baby shower for friend Karen and Clyde who had CJ prematurely and now having the shower. He is home and gaining weight . Birth weight was one pound in April and this week he weighs 6lb and odd ounces...Yeah!

Sunday is a BBQ and pool time with old friend and her family which includes her mother who was our Girl Scout leader and my second mom.

Monday night- dinner with old high school friends and teachers( I went to a small country school for awhile)

Somewhere in here I will get a long run in if not a small and long run.

Yesterday my head was hurting so bad from sinuses, high humidity and approaching storms, I slept most of the day and slept more. I think my head is a barometer for rain. I can't complain ,we need the rain so bad.

I have been in touch with several companies and will be doing reviews on products soon with one giveaway planned. I am looking forward to that.

I signed up the other day for impromptu race on 7/29 . The Pro Football HOF Festival 5mile in Canton  5mile Pro football HOF race 2012.
I am excited about this because this will be the first race my step dad will see me run. He can get 3 chances on this race to see me run by. It means a lot to him due to his blindness from Macular Degeneration. Plus my mom says he is very proud of me. Also an out of town friend might be there for the race too!!! Woot~

Less than 60 days to my first Half Marathon....excited and nervous!

Here is the first product that I will be reviewing and just received in the mail

Monday, July 16, 2012

Woot....get the word out!

I just got word from a company wanting me to try their products and will send me extras to host my first giveaway!!!
How cool is that.
I know that my followers population is low , so I am asking my followers to start spreading the word of my blog. I would love to gain more followers for my upcoming giveaway!!!
~~~Happy dance Happy dance~~~~

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Whine

Not really but it sounded good.

Busy around here lately. Camping, work, birthday parties and such.

I am very grateful for the decrease in humidity on Sunday to allow we to run my longer run. It was only 7 miles but my IT band is acting up , so I backed down the miles some. I was able to do a 10K run yesterday with minimal pain and then a massage last night with some reiki seemed to help the pain .

Speaking of which I ran the 10 K for Livin the Fit Life at  Livin the Fit Life.
Now for some TMI- I don't think the peanut butter chocolate ice cream I had the night before was good for me. I felt like I was not going to make it home without an accident. I was desperate as I ran for the bathroom. Ok no judging, we have all been there.

I am trying out Instagram and will try to post some pics here as well , once I learn how to.

Ok I have a question to other bloggers, how do you get products for running to try and review? Do you contact the companies or do they contact you?

I leave you with a nice picture of our trumpet vine! In full bloom.