Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Quiz

Rachel- passed along this quiz . Join me in answering on your own blog post if you wish

1. Who is your running shoe twin? I am not sure, I used to wear Mizuno Wave Riders but after Achilles tendinitis, I switched to more support with Brooks Adrenaline. 

2. When do you pause your watch on a run? I don't wear a watch. I use Run keeper on my phone and rarely pause it. 

3. What is worse – being called a jogger or hearing someone call a 5K a “marathon”? Being called a jogger. I am a runner. Period. Whether I run slow or fast , I am a runner.

4. What is your preferred running shorts inseam length? I do not heart booty shorts. Must cover some of my inner thighs.

5. Spitting when you run – gross or necessary or neither? Ohh necessary! I am  a spitter or extra saliva, not snot rockets or hockers. Just extra  saliva.

6. What is more exciting randomly seeing a friend on a run, or hitting a goal pace/workout? Randomly seeing a friend on the run

7. What has been your worst running injury (something that happened on a run or something caused by running)? It would have to be breaking my ankle Oct 2012 when I was on an early morning run and either hit a rut in the road or slipped on wet leaves about 1 mile into my run. Rolled my ankle and went down. I got up , walked it off some and finished for a 3 mile run. Later could not walk on it and swelled to the size of half a softball.

Not running for few months.

8. What is your perfect running temp? Anywhere from 40-60's. Fall is the best weather time for me.

9. Do you follow a running plan or make your own? I pretty much run to the beat of my own feet...LOL

10. Preference – treadmill, road, groomed trail, or technical trail? Road or groomed trail/towpath.

Happy Friday

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