Friday, February 8, 2013


Ye, s I am 40 and just got Mono and add on that a sinus infection.  No wonder I have been feeling so exhausted and that my runs just did not have the normal energy. Plenty of rest and fluids for me.
Hopefully soon the infection will clear and I can work on gaining back some strength.

But hey the good news is that I ordered some new socks from Pro Compression. I love my black and white marathon socks but this girl needs color in her life. I ordered the new sock of the month . Thanks to Stuftmama for posting these on your blog . I got the orange and these new puppies!

They are offering these at 40% off and free shipping. Visit Pro Compression to get a pair of these.
The 40% off is for the neon green/pink only and while supplies last. Use the code SOM213.

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