Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Five- Pictorial version


Feeling better, getting stronger and less tired as time moves forward.

My version of Friday 5 with pictures

1. New socks to wear on the  Shamrock 15k I signed up to run on 3/16. This is a new distance for me. Need to add more to the outfit!

2. I have been wanting to learn yoga. Picked up a nice yoga mat to begin. Looking forward to starting yoga!Got the mat on discount at Marshall's. Fell in love with the store and all the discounted running gear they have. Must...go...back!

3. Oh another great find at Marshall's were these fancy gloves for winter running. My running buddy Michael found them and I was envious....had to get a pair for myself. They have winter protection with the glove or the hide away wind protection of the mitten aspect.

4. Our work has a old fashioned Valentine box contest. Still waiting to hear who the winners are. Here is my box. It brought back so many feel good memories as I decorated it and also did my Valentine's. I chose Scooby Doo with suckers and Transformers!! I am an 80's child through and through.

5. I received some awesome organic chocolate covered strawberries from a local natural market from Terri for Valentine's...I love her!
BTW they are scrumptious

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Excellent!! I love good buys :) Those strawberries look delightful!