Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random thoughts

Randomness in no particular order

My knee or calf is acting weird. Not really swollen but the calf feels tight and slightly swollen. If I do a Achilles tendon stretch it feels better..Weird. I decided not to run at the gym yesterday. Instead did 2000m on the rower and 20mins on bike. I really liked the rower. It kicks butt~

I hear of people using body glide and was told to get some for chafing. I haven't had chafing except with a too tight arm mp3 player band . Is this normal or should I be chafing.

I am hoping to get another long run in tomorrow. Might be snowy might be cold, who knows with Ohio weather.

Might treat ourselves  to Indian food tomorrow at Raj Mal. Yummmmo , it has been too long since been there.

I am looking forward to a long cabin weekend next week with the girls...the Hoochie Coochie gang.( named after the Hooch alcohol at the last cabin trip). We will be in Amish country. Not sure where and how I will get a run in but will take my stuff to plan on a run.

Terri and I made a scrumptious dinner the other night. Homemade pizza, salads and wine.  Don't envy the TV trays. We were catching up on Biggest Loser.


  1. Keep stretching and not everyone chafes:) I ran 13.1 on Tuesday completely chafe free!

  2. ha ha I don't really chafe either. I think I did chafe some in the marathon, but damn... it's a marathon.