Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend recap

Spent a long weekend with 6 girlfriends in a cabin down in Amish country. It was a much needed break for all of us I think. We laughed, we drank, we played cards and games. We watched movies, we ate good food but most of all we relaxed. I feel very comfortable with all these women and can honestly say they are close friends and even considered family. One member of our group couldn't make it due to illness and another due to other plans. Both we missed.
the cooking was spectacular and the chocolate chip cookies that were made were addicting, Ate....way....too....many. We played on the playground some and even did the muddy hiking trail. The weather was sunny and warming up.
The cabin we stayed at was on a piece of land with about 6-7 other cabins and suites. It had a nice pond, playground and hiking trail. Also we met the residents of the cabin land- dogs Tango and Cleo. Both of these lovey dogs won my heart over. Tango is a 3 legged dog and Cleo his best friend limps in sympathy of him, at least that is what Terri thinks.
I got one run in that weekend. Ended up going around 730am . The best gift of all was Cleo decided to run with me. The whole 4.5 miles. IO ran on back country roads and in Amish land that means hills. Ended up on a huge hill that once I reached the top and stopped for a moment, I got another gift of a panoramic view of Amish  land with farms, houses and just wonderful views.
A few of us stayed a day longer for one more day of relaxing. We ended up having a bonfire that night . Who would have thought that the weather would be nice for a evening bonfire in Ohio in the beginning of March.
We had a scare when one of the group on her way home had a tire come off her car. So glad she wasn't hurt and her hubby came to rescue her.
Overall the weekend was great and needed.

Here is Tango
Here is Cleo my running buddy

Pond with one of the cabins

Amish  Buggy 

Cows/Steer?  in the pasture next to the cabin


  1. This sounds like a perfect weekend! I need a getaway with some girlfriends. Hope you guys get to do this again soon!

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing! I am jealous!