Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scattered Saturday

*Well we picked up our bikes yesterday from Eddy's bike shop. We decided to get bikes and start riding the trails and hiking this summer instead of being in the gym . We got fitted and adjustments made but it was raining so no pics for now. We went with hybrid bikes for some comfort. They are very sleek looking.
Excited to go for our first ride

*I am doing the Jelly Bean virtual 10k and 5k. I am excited since this will be my first virtual race. Thinking of what to wear for costuming!
I am real good at the blogging yet to know how to link her site to here. If you want to know my check out

*Weird experience and slightly scary yesterday. I went for a small run after work in our neighborhood. I was maybe 3/4 in a mile and I stopped at a light to wait and cross. Felt like my heart was pounding harder than normal, almost chest pain, and then a surreal feeling like when you are about to pass out. I grabbed some sports beans from my pack and quickly ate them. After few moments the feeling passed. I went back to normal feeling and kept on going. no ill effects last night, just tired after a rough work week. I think I was hydrated enough, I went through what I ate and felt it wasn't low blood sugar. Not sure what it was. Terri is concerns and felt I shouldn't have kept going. Anyone else ever experience something like this. Just a side note with taking up running and exercise my resting HR is about 40-50.

*I entered a GU giveaway for some drink mixes. I didn't win but GU sent me a couple samples of the RU Roctane Ultra endurance drink powders in Tropical punch and Lemon lime. I loved them. I used them on longer runs and sipped them gradually over the run. I felt I had consistent energy and the taste was great. Even better my system tolerated them well. FTW!! I have need energy products. I was not asked by GU to review these. I just wanted to share my humble and honest opinion .

 *I also won the giveaway of General Mills Cereal from Toni at Running, Loving, Living. I am nom nom nomming on the cereal! Thank you Toni

* I was enjoying the warmer weather we had in Ohio for awhile, but now we are back to more spring weather in the 40-50's. Which is ok, gives more time to see the beautiful blooms. Here is a pic -self pic of me in summer/spring gear getting ready for a run when the temps were warmer.


  1. Nice that you got new bikes! Fun! Good luck on your jelly bean race, I'm doing it too. Hopefully it stops raining here long enough for me to run it:)

  2. Enjoy your new bikes and all that yummy cereal!

  3. Have you been out on the bikes and how did you like it?