Sunday, February 26, 2012

First time

I set out for a long run this am on the towpath trails that I love to run. I know I wanted to try and push farther that I have yet. As soon as I was into a grove the mind monkeys started to chatter. I was telling myself - you are going too slow, you aren't going to make it a long time, really you think you can run far? I finally said stop and put my mind to thinking more positive thoughts. I told myself no matter what distance I run today , it will be fine.
I ended up going my longest run yet. I ran 8.1 miles in 1:25 and some  odd seconds. Woot. I felt great during and after the run.
Ended up treating to breakfast of Panera bagels . Yummy!

Went for my first sports massage. It felt relaxing but I was looking for more technical side of sports massage, not just relaxing. I will try a new therapist for that in about 2 weeks.

Submitted my time for a fellow blogger's Virtual 10K. Hiker Mom at Livin the fit life hosted a 10K virtual race in honor of Grandma Lill's 95th birthday. I clocked the time at 1:08


  1. Great job! Glad you could participate. Nice to get a good massage. Hope the next one is what you are looking for:)

  2. Great run! Hope your next sports massage turns out better.