Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend race recap

I did it. I completed my first 10K on 2/5/2012 at the Canton Pro Football Hall Of Fame Big Game 10k.
I was super nervous and was worried that I would be the last one to cross the finish line. After I talked with Terri, I settled with the fact that it would be ok if I did come in last. It would mean that at least I tried and started.
I ended up coming in at 1:05:37...not to shabby. As I was drinking chocolate milk for recovery and cheering others crossing the finish line, I waited around and got to see the last runner come it. It did me good to see her smile and know she accomplished her race.
Pre- race, standing in race start line.

Post race recovery. Those that know me know I hardly drink and never after a race. Gave the beer to Terri and stuck with the yummy chocolate milk!
Check out the bling...I am super excited to get my first racing medal!

A couple of things I noticed with this race
-I am not sure about runners dropping gel packs various places on race route.

-I don't understand a race where there is only maybe 2 volunteers cheering in runners at the finish line. Besides significant others, it was a weak cheering section. Other runners stood around talking and recovering but not supporting others coming in. Having not been to a lot of bigger races, I am not sure if this is a common finding.

Sunday night, relaxed with some pizza and last Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows part 2. Sore but felt good.
Monday I felt like I was hit by a mac truck. I have never felt so sore and achy post run. I was also running a low grade temp. Instead of going to gym for cross training, I hit the bed and rested and slept. Today I feel better. Not sure if it was a bug, or post run.