Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Must be nervous

The last two nights I have had dreams about races and running.

Monday night I had a dream that I was in line for my bib and registration and did not have the proper ID or paperwork and was sent back to the end of the line that was over a mile long and the race was soon starting. I was trying to get Terri to help me or stand in my place at the start line.

Last night's dream had me running a marathon, not sure where but I couldn't find the start line and when I did I had my jacket and 2 purses on me . Once I unloaded the gear, started running but this guy was giving me a run for my money, every time I sped up he matched it, like he didn't want me ahead of him. We  followed the route into a building and had to take a  conveyor belt  that dropped me off at an Italian restaurant which was on the opposite side of town from the marathon.

Each night I woke with a start. Not sure what the dreams mean but I must be nervous about the upcoming 10k.

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