Friday, January 6, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Now you have the Mister Rodgers tune in your head...well at least I do in mine.

This morning, a lot of the snow was melting away and temps high 30's. Took advantage of working the later shift today and went for a morning run. I LOVE to do morning runs. Not that I don't with afternoon or evening runs, but morning is my best time of the day~ Ran 4.5 miles .

I signed up for my first race in 2012 and my first 10 K. It is the Canton Big Game 10K on 2/5/2012. This will be my first race in the winter/cold weather and slight nervous about that.

I have also narrowed down to wanting to do the Akron Half Marathon in Sept. I was wanting to do the Canton 1/2 in June but the day before the race my sister is getting married. After discussing with my wellness coach, it was decided not to do that as my first 1/2 Marathon.

I am looking for a couple more races this spring summer to keep me motivated and to have goals. I will be sitting down and going over 2012 soon for running .

Terri and I are getting a few friends together to go over and create a new 101 goals in 1001 days. It has been fun meeting a lot the prevous goals and will be interesting creating new ones.

Here is what it looked like in the backyard this morning with the melting snow

Here is me post run. Just Jen

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  1. Hey Jen! You won something on my blog ... a gel bot! CONGRATS! Email me your contact info at runningdivamom at yahoo dot com and I'll get you your prize!