Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post holiday

Happy Merry Christmas Belated  and a Happy New Year.

The holidays were busy and family filled. I loved the time spent with my family and chosen family. Santa was good to me and Terri surprised me with a Kindle Fire!!! Woot. I got some running supplies such as sports beans, new water bottle and gloves. I also got a Half Marathon book by Jeff Galloway..Terri said I got you the book, you get us to Disney. Yes the wheels are turning to think about a Disney marathon. Santa also left other fun goodies,

I thought I fought off the cold or whatever it is a week and half ago...I was wrong , came back full force Friday and still here. Missed a run yesterday due to being totally wiped out, oh breathing was essential just sitting let alone think of running with it.

I was reflecting on my running this year...well since I started running in March/April. I have logged 231 miles so far this year. Now I have not included misc runs, and races I have done. I am darn proud of myself. That is a lot for someone who thought she could never run.

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  1. that's great! here's to logging many more happy miles in 2012...:)