Friday, January 13, 2012

You spin me right round, baby.

After about 5 days of severe vertigo, I am starting to feel better. I was mainly in bed sleeping off the medications or on the recliner. I could not even read, watch tv or look at computer without getting dizzy. Spent 4.5 hours in the emergency room Monday night trying to figure out what was wrong. The best they could come up with is it is residual from my colds in December.

This has been a hard 5-6 days for me to be laid up and confined to doing nothing except sleep, drink, eat some and try to walk some when the dizziness wasn't bad.
I am starting to see through the dizziness and it is clearing with some residual dizzy moments here or there. I still don't trust myself to drive, will leave that to Terri. I am hoping the weekend brings about less dizziness for me and I can work from home on Monday.

Here is a lovely shot of me sleeping in the recliner with my blanket buddy Nermal.

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