Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday musings

I woke up this am, energized and ready for a long run. I put on my great new socks that I won through a recent giveaway. Actually I won 2 pairs of Wright Socks Cool mesh II socks courtesy of Bobbi from Journey in Running and Sweet and Savory by Sarah! Thank you both . I love the socks-they fit well and no blisters or sore spots. The cool mesh ones actually keep my feet warm in cooler weather. I do not like to wear thicker socks.

My run was great. Very meditative and just plain felt good. The sun was shining bright and at times warm against the 30 degree temps. I did 6.44 miles which is the most I have done since my sickness around the holidays and my vertigo. I am glad to be getting the higher miles again.

It was great to pass other people on the sidewalks today and actually have hellos or good mornings back. I fins it funny that others have a hard time acknowledging you or speaking. I am not scary looking or going to rob you, just someone out for a run being friendly.

I encountered something new this week- runners toe. My 2ND toe on each foot was sore and felt blistered but nothing there until the next day when one toe turned black. I read up on what to do and drained the blood. I was careful on how I did it and and in a clean technique. I am a nurse after all, we nurses are so big about keeping things clean. It feels so much better and I was able to do today's run with no issues. It does remind me to get to Fleet Feet to get a new pair of shoes.

Next Sunday is my first 10K. I am nervous and excited. I am going into this with no big expectations of a finish time, since this my first race of this distance.

Ohio weather is soo unpredictable. The saying in Ohio is if you don't like the weather, wait about 15 minutes. This morning was 30 degrees and sunny then around 4pm we had high winds and blizzard like snow for about a half hour which put about an inch on the ground. Wow.

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  1. I love my Wright Socks! They have quickly become my go to socks when I'm going for a run.