Friday, August 17, 2012

Pro Compression Review

Not to long ago I received a couple pair of Pro Compression socks to test .
A little bit about the Pro Compression socks:

PRO Compression socks are designed specifically to deliver both maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The innovative design, lightweight construction and stabilizing zone make it one of the most comfortable, yet effective, running socks available.

 I have to say that at first I was excited and then  hesitant. Would they be too tight, would they cause issues in the toe area. Will they rub my skin around the knees and cause chafing?

I put the socks on a day after a long run and my first thought was.."ahhhh my legs thank you!" Literally my legs-calves felt comforted and rested.  I wore them around that day to help my legs recover and they have never been happier. I am tempted to even wear them to work under my pants to assist my legs as well.
Just to get this straight up front...I LOVE these socks.

The next test was to wear them on a couple runs. A long one and a mid length one. During both runs the socks felt part of my legs. The did not rub raw areas, there was no pressure on my toes and they fit snug to allow my legs not to feel over worked or tired. After the run my legs felt good and not fatigued. The are somewhat hard to get off sweaty legs but not a complaint just observation.  I am looking forward to wearing them on all my long runs and my first half coming up in Sept. In case I haven't told you I LOVE these socks.

I am definitely in love ....I am hoping to get a few more pairs of socks. Love the color selection on the website Pro Compression socks. The best part is they are made in the USA!!! I am now hooked and off to get more Pro Compression socks. So thank you Pro Compression and my legs thank you too! Lastly...I LOVE these socks.

Disclaimer-I was sent these products free to review on my blog -courtesy of Pro Compression. I did not pay for the items , receive payment for the review or agree to give a positive review.

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  1. That's great that you've found some socks you really love!