Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Five

1. Heading out for camping today after work, probably our last camping trip since we have out cruise in Oct.
I am looking forward to relaxing, campfires, pie irons, napping and kayaking. Oh and some needed girl time.

2. My half marathon is coming up in 15 days...OMG...I am actually doing this and the nerves are starting up. Will need to quiet the monkey brain that is going on.

3. Took the day off yesterday to finish some house repairs. Painted the front fences and the trim around the garage. I was dead beat tired yesterday as I was up at 5am, got a 8 mile run in and painted from 10am to about 6pm with a 1.5 hr rest time.

4. Worried about Puma kitty. He is moving slowly and stumbled yesterday which was new. Might end up taking him to be checked when we return from camping. We have a friend checking on the kitties while gone.

5. We have 36 more wake ups till out cruise. I am getting excited and soo looking forward to a vacation

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