Friday, August 3, 2012

Giveaway reminder and Friday Five

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1. Excited to be going to the ballet in the park tomorrow night at Goodyear Park-Martha Graham Dance company puts on a spectacular show. Meeting my brother and sister in law for the show.

Here is a pic of me from this past Sundays race...just because.

2. I am loving the Olympics . Found a cool website that matches you to a Olympian in physical stature. Here is the site.. Olympic Match
Here is my match

3. Nice run this morning. Cooler temperatures and beautiful red morning sky. Plus the full moon still out in the background. Did 4.3 miles today .

4. Might do my first group run on Sunday for an 11 miles on the towpath. I am a little nervous about running with others yet intrigued.

5. Getting together with the 2 other girls who are running the Warrior Dash on the 25th with me. Planning costume or outfit ideas.  Any suggestions for fun, cool ideas?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.