Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five

1.Lack of blogging!  I know I know, I have not blogged for awhile, not that I haven't wanted to. I have wanted to but it seems like I am busy with lots but yet not. Anyways I will try to blog more and maybe even more pictures.

2. Running a 5k tomorrow the Black Squirrel 5K in Kent Ohio at KSU. This race is different for me. I am actually going out to run this for speed. Most races I run my best, but tomorrow I am going to try and push myself where I have not gone before.

3. My knee and ankle are doing better. My ankle still is sometimes sore around the Achilles area due to when I broke it last year. My knee- I have no clue but after I run I ice. Trying to be nice to it.

4. Running a half marathon on 4/20. A pop up half marathon. Run to the Beach at Portage Lakes. Not sure how I will do on time but it is local and smaller venue. I wanted to do one where I didn't have to travel to get home afterwards. I am getting nervous about running a half in middle of July with heat and humidity.

5. It is Friday!!!!

Have you ever done a Half marathon in the middle of summer?

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