Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Five

Good morning it is FRIDAY!!!!!!!

We are headed to Columbus for the weekend to spend with our good friend Lori! We miss here and want to hang out with her , oh and she is wanting to cook for us Easter dinner! Well of course we said yes!

It seems like forever since I have posted some good posts. I will get back into the swing of things, I promise...pinky swear!
In the meantime enjoy my Friday Five~

1. I am on rest week this week due to some right knee/leg irritation. I am not sure what caused it. Last weekend on Saturday  I did 2 miles speed work in 18 minutes (fast for me) then met Carri for 3 miles of some trail running. On Sunday Michael and I ran almost 9 miles at a good pace of 10:30ish. I felt good afterwards but not sure what I did. It is feeling better and hoping to run this weekend while at Lori's. I saw this on my speed work run Sat.

2. Saturday night we celebrated Terri's birthday with her daughter and family. It was a good time of steak chili and cards! Damn that get me every time.

3. I know everyone has their views and opinions but I stand for equality. Everyone deserves the same rights.

4.I still have to post about my 15K Shamrock races from St. Patrick's Day. Here is a cute to get you through till that post. Yep that is me peaking out of the crowd to wave to Terri!

5. My nephew Nick is in Fort Benning GA in Army basic training . He is due to graduate May 2. Mys sister and I are road tripping to GA for a week. Sister time!! I am excited. Now we will have Noah who is 17 with us but he will just have to endure us sisters!
This picture has nothing to do with my nephews but just a candid pic of Puma being cute.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter to all!!