Friday, March 15, 2013

Stride box Review

I signed up for my first subscription box. I was very excited and intrigued to try one out. When I saw they came out with Stridebox I knew I found the one I wanted to try. A box made just for runners ! I chose the $15/month subscription. They also offer gift boxes and one time purchases.

I can tell you I was like a kid a Christmas waiting for my first Stridebox to arrive!
It came , it came!!

Here is the March StrideBox

Here is a nice breakdown of what is in the box:

Given Brand Wrist Wallet -$10.95
PowerICE- $8.99/6 ice bars
PickyBars- $22.99/10 bars
Click Espresso Protein Drink- $2.95/packet
Kind Bar- $1.99/bar
GU Energy Gel- $11.60/8 gels
Run Guard-$3.95/travel size
Win Sport Detergent- $1.00 trial size

Wow, quite a deal for $15

My thoughts:
I was and still am excited to try some new products. Several items I have seen or heard about and never had a chance to try- Click, Win Sport detergent and the Peanut Butter GU. Items that are interesting is the PoweICE-will be good come summer time for refreshing replenish! The big item in the box would probably be the Given Wrist Wallet- seems like a cool idea but already tried on the wallet and it is big on my wrist. I have small girlie wrists. I will still give it a trial run!
Overall I am very happy with my first StrideBox and look forward to more to come. What a neat idea to try products to see if you like them before buying them in larger quantity. I am one happy runner with StrideBox!

Disclaimer- The links to the different product websites were done by me. I received no compensation for this  review. The views and thoughts are my own.


  1. I think they have awesome stuff, I think it is worth it.

  2. Oh my you've got awesome stuff!!! :) Hmmm... this made me think of signing up... :))

  3. You got some great goodies in that box! I may need to check this out.

  4. I'm only a walker but my daughter is a runner, we both may need to check this out! Love reading your blog!