Thursday, November 29, 2012

20 Things

Ok I got the idea from Beth at I run like a Girl. I think it is a very good idea.

20 things to give thanks to today

1. Hot yummy coffee
2. Kitty cuddles
3. My job. I love helping others in ways that are usually overlooked or missed.
4. The roof over my head. Some people have no home and no heat at this time of year.
5. My partner Terri. She is the most loving, caring, and honest person I know .
6. The Muppets- they make me smile EVER the time.
7. My ankle is healing and I can start walking next week.
8. Strawberry Chobani yogert!....yum
9. My Mizuno Wave Riders that are waiting for me.
10. Fleece PJ pants
11.My senses....taste, seeing, touch and hearing
12.My family- Bio and chosen
13. Secret Sister exchange at work....mine got me Larabars!
14. My truck- to haul our camping gear and kayaks
15. Christmas them
16.My weight maintaining while I have been on the injured list
17. Zentangle...A new pasttime/craft
18. My wonderful accepting friends
19. My love of reading...just finished Gone Girl
20. The changing seasons/weather in Ohio

This was on a bike ride a couple days prior to me breaking my ankle, Soon, yes soon I will be at it again. Next week!!!!

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