Sunday, November 4, 2012

GU review

I feel bad for this is a long overdue review on the GU products that I was sent and able to review.
I have tried numerous products but not really any of the GU products and was thoroughly excited to try new flavors and products .

Here is the website to check out more products GU Energy

I was sent some GU Energy Gels, GU brew, a GU Roctane drink and GU Recovery mix.

A little about GU Energy Gels
An optimal blend of carbohydrates, the proprietary GU amino blend, and a full serving of Vitamin C & E. Oh yeah, did we mention taste? GU Energy Gel has the time-tested consistency and delicious taste that athletes have come to expect from the original energy gel.

-I tried the flavors Vanilla, Tri Berry and Chocolate Mint. I will have to say my favorite is Vanilla. More palatable to me- personal preference. The down fall that I saw was as the weather gets colder they stiffen up and hard to get out of the packet on runs. I do like how they fold up to nothing to put back in your pack or pocket.

GU Brew Tabs
GU Electrolyte Brew Tablets are simple, light tasting and natural. They are invariably better than water alone and bring your system into balance more quickly by helping you retain more of the liquid you ingest.
Stevia, a plant-derived sweetener, is the primary sweetening agent in Electrolyte Brew Tablets instead of acesulfame potassium, a commonly used artificial sweetener. Brew Electrolyte Tablets are the natural option to achieving proper hydration

I tried the Lemon Lime and Tri Berry flavors. I used them instead of water on my runs. I and my stomach was happy with them. I prefer the Tri berry flavor. Lemon Lime is ok just not my favorite flavor. I found nothing wrong with the bre tables.

GU Brew Roctane
A carbohydrate intensive energy drink that contains the critical carbohydrates and electrolyte replenishment ultra endurance athletes need to compete at high levels. It comes in a super light tasting, easy to mix formula for fueling hour after hour after hour

I tried the grape flavor and love it! I want to get a container of it to have more. Enough said!

And last but surely not least is the GU Recovery Mix

The premium quality ingredients in GU Recovery Brew help you quickly replenish energy stores and rebuild muscles after an intense workout. GU’s Recovery Brew reinvents the category and evolves this critical training tool into a nutritional experience we’re confident you’ll actually enjoy.
What's in it?
Protein - GU Recovery Brew is full of whey protein isolate for speedy recovery of muscule fibers
Amino Acids - Arginine and Glutamine promote recovery by diminishing the negative effects of intense training and supporting a strong immune system.
Carbohydrates - Both simple and complex carbs (and lots of ‘em!) in optimal balance will re-fuel your competitive fire and get you back to training and racing on schedule.
Antioxidants - Over 100% daily allowances of vitamins C and E in every serving. Your free radicals will hate us!
How's it different?Quality ingredients is the cornerstone of any qaulity product and GU Recovery Brew relies on whey protein isolate -- not cheaper whey protein concentrate -- to create a higher quality and more effective product. Did we mention taste? Say goodbye to grainy, chalky, salty and smelly. GU’s Recovery Brew reinvents the category with a highly effective product that actually taste good.

Ok you know you want my Muppet glass but not the dirty stove...don't be jealous! :)

I tied the Chocolate Smoothie . Mixed it with milk in a Tupperware mixer. It tasted good and was a nice alternative with more nutrients then just plain chocolate Milk. Plus I put it in a nice Muppet glass.

Overall I would continue using GU products and look forward to trying more!

Disclaimer- I was sent these products free to review on my blog -courtesy of GU Energy products. I did not pay for the items, receive payment for the review or agree to give a positive review.


  1. Allan is a big fan of the GU Roctane gels and I love GU chomps!

  2. I have not tried the chomps yet. I love the vanilla gels