Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday stew

Well not really but it is a mish mash of thoughts and what has been going on.

- We are decorated for Christmas in the house and outside. We decided against icicle lights outside due to my ankle being broken and also just wanting something different. I will get a pic of outside tonight when lights are on. The cats have taken down the tree once so far. Good thing for fishing line to secure the tree to the wall.

- My coworker Kathy  turned 65 years old this past week and we did 65 bottles of beer on the wall. She loves beer. Let me just say my work rocks! We also did more than the 65 and Kathy loved it.

- Caught the cats sleeping today...go figure but he looked so peaceful.

-I officially get my ankle brace off this coming week, but the rebel I am I have been able to move around the house this weekend without it and doing well. Also doing some active and passive ROM with no issues.  I am ready to progress and get this thing moving.

- I am looking forward to our Christmas tree going up at work, We always adopt a family and I am excited to pick from the tree and shop for someone else less fortunate. Terri is also doing this at her work plus they are collecting monies to buys for the toy room at the Summit county childrens services. This is a room where foster parents/caregivers/guardians can go get toys free of charge for the children they care for. How cool is this!


  1. I couldn't help but laugh about the cats taking down the tree. Our dogs don't want to get anywhere close to this "thing" in the den.

  2. So glad to meet you, Jen, and be on your holiday card team! :) I love your header. And sorry to hear about the ankle brace, hope you're back to normal soon!

    1. Thanks Laura and nice to meet you too. Go Team Vixen!
      Thanks for well wishes. Starting to walk with no brace and doing well.