Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Whine

Not really but it sounded good.

Busy around here lately. Camping, work, birthday parties and such.

I am very grateful for the decrease in humidity on Sunday to allow we to run my longer run. It was only 7 miles but my IT band is acting up , so I backed down the miles some. I was able to do a 10K run yesterday with minimal pain and then a massage last night with some reiki seemed to help the pain .

Speaking of which I ran the 10 K for Livin the Fit Life at  Livin the Fit Life.
Now for some TMI- I don't think the peanut butter chocolate ice cream I had the night before was good for me. I felt like I was not going to make it home without an accident. I was desperate as I ran for the bathroom. Ok no judging, we have all been there.

I am trying out Instagram and will try to post some pics here as well , once I learn how to.

Ok I have a question to other bloggers, how do you get products for running to try and review? Do you contact the companies or do they contact you?

I leave you with a nice picture of our trumpet vine! In full bloom.


  1. Great job! Sorry about the tummy troubles:( I contact the companies for product reviews. Sometimes they respond and sometimes they don't. I am just now starting to get companies to ask me to do reviews, but it took a while. Good luck!

  2. Sorry about the ice cream not sitting well. Nice job finishing the run!