Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KT Tape review

We have all had problem areas or injuries from running. I know for me when I have to take rest days due to pains or injuries , that it can be discouraging. It can also mess up a training program as well if not given sufficient time to rest and heal.
Enter in KT Tape .
Instead of rest/pain relievers , you can apply the KT tape to help with pain relief and increase the circulation to the problem area.
Most of my issues with running has been IT Band syndrome. When I prepared for a long run this past Saturday , I noted I was having some tightness and soreness at my Achilles tendon. I decided this was perfect time to try the KT Tape.
The video instructions on the website for application is short and easy to understand. The instructions are straightforward.

I did not feel  the tape once my sock and shoe were on and after awhile I forgot that it was even there. I will say it would be best to make sure you have shaved any hairs prior to application. : ). Not sure how guys would feel about shaving the hair off but might present a problem with tape removal.

I put in 8.5 miles with the KT tape and did great. My Achilles tendon area was not as sore and the KT tape was still in place and no rolling or pinching . The tape pulled off with no issues. I would recommend using counter pulling with your skin while removing tape for more ease.

Overall I am very pleased with the KT tape and would use it again as well as recommend it to others.

I recommend checking out the Online store and follow them on FACEBOOK

Disclaimer- KT Tape Pro provided me with the product to try out and I was under no obligation to review. I was also under no obligation to give a positive review of the product.

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