Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Frenzy

Got a jam packed weekend.
Tonight meeting up with some friends(we grew up together) at Quaker Steak and Lube...bring on the wings.

Tomorrow is a baby shower for friend Karen and Clyde who had CJ prematurely and now having the shower. He is home and gaining weight . Birth weight was one pound in April and this week he weighs 6lb and odd ounces...Yeah!

Sunday is a BBQ and pool time with old friend and her family which includes her mother who was our Girl Scout leader and my second mom.

Monday night- dinner with old high school friends and teachers( I went to a small country school for awhile)

Somewhere in here I will get a long run in if not a small and long run.

Yesterday my head was hurting so bad from sinuses, high humidity and approaching storms, I slept most of the day and slept more. I think my head is a barometer for rain. I can't complain ,we need the rain so bad.

I have been in touch with several companies and will be doing reviews on products soon with one giveaway planned. I am looking forward to that.

I signed up the other day for impromptu race on 7/29 . The Pro Football HOF Festival 5mile in Canton  5mile Pro football HOF race 2012.
I am excited about this because this will be the first race my step dad will see me run. He can get 3 chances on this race to see me run by. It means a lot to him due to his blindness from Macular Degeneration. Plus my mom says he is very proud of me. Also an out of town friend might be there for the race too!!! Woot~

Less than 60 days to my first Half Marathon....excited and nervous!

Here is the first product that I will be reviewing and just received in the mail


  1. SO fun to get to try things out for free and do giveaways! I won some KT tape once and never needed to use it so I gave it to my sister.

  2. So glad your friends baby is doing well:) Awesome about the KT tape! So glad your step dad will be at your next race:) Good luck!