Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Had a blast this past weekend with backpacking. It was fun spending time with my brother Bryan, nephew Devon and his girlfriend Sam and my backpacking buddy Lori. The weather was great and sunny. Would have liked to hike more but my brother was new to it and not acclimated to it quite yet. Hoping for more trips this year.
 Me acting silly

 The gang around our campfire

A trail we hiked

The Friday before backpacking  Terri and I went on a bike ride. It was late but we had fun. Not many on the trail.

Missed my long run on Sunday with backpacking. Did a nice 6 miles this morning and was gifted with a beautiful sight on my route. It was at the Goodyear Metro Park that I run through the parking lot. It was so breathtaking. The picture does not even do it justice.

Dealing with some emotional junk in regards to my mother and expectations that I have and continually get disappointed. I need to not be so passive with her and be more assertive and learn to set stronger boundaries.

On a happy note, I am excited for this coming weekend. I will be taking my great nephew Conner on his first Boy Scout Family camp out. He had a choice of sleeping in the lodge or out in a tent. He chose a tent. I am excited to spend quality time with him and bond more and also share my love of camping with him.

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