Friday, May 11, 2012

I swear it jumped up at me

Yes, I swear the sidewalk jumped up at me this morning.
I finally bit the sidewalk this am and scraped my palms and a little road rash to right knee. All in all I came out good but my pride was hurt. I will survive. And this is why I don't like running on Akron sidewalks, such poor condition but I was on them this morning with the heavy car traffic.

I got my package from Manna Organics that I won from the giveaway from Laima from Women's endurance gear. I received 4 packages. 2 of trail mix and 2 of tropical mix. At first I was shocked with the rawness of it and it was refreshing. I am used to the sugary mix of trail mix or gorps. I really like this. In fact it is packed and ready for my backpacking trip this weekend. Thank you Laima

Preparing for a small backpacking trip this weekend to Raccoon Creek State Park. It will be a little different. Taking my brother and my nephews girlfriend for the first time. My friend Lori and my nephew have been before. So to not overwhelm them we might pack in about 2-3 miles, arrive at shelter, drop packs and daypack for the day. It will just be nice getting out into nature and it is supposed to be beautiful. High 70's and sunny with low 50's overnight

Pics to come after trip.

Happy Mother's Day to all who have children- human and fur kids!


  1. Thanks for the shout out to the fur baby moms! I appreciate that.

    Glad the fall on the sidewalk wasn't any worse. Enjoy your weekend!