Thursday, January 10, 2013

Injinji ToeSock Review

I was given the opportunity to try and review some Injinji socks from Jenny at Outside PR. She sent me 3 pairs. Two Original weight mini  crew socks- One pair black and another in white. The third pair were lightweight in no show style in blue and grey colors.

I have  never tried toe socks before and thought it would be interesting to give them a test . Honestly I thought I would not like these. I put them on at first to walk around the house to see how they felt. At first it was a little weird having material between my toes but I quickly got used to it.
I have a few funky toes and was not sure how these would work with my toes. Putting them on is a breeze. With my weird toes, I just needed to make sure they were pulled over the toes enough.

See funky toes -the last two toes...don't be jealous !

I was really surprised the first time I went for a run with these . I wore the original weight ones on the first run which was about 3 miles. I was not able to feel the material in between the toes part itself. It was like any other sock but more comfortable.

According to the company information they help with proper toe alignment for natural feet, help protect from blisters and hot spots and they help with moisture management.
 These are the Original weight mini crew in black.
 Lightweight sock in no show style.( Bad angle looks like I have a cankle!) 
Original weight in mini crew style.

I decided to wear these socks on a 6 mile run in the snow and cold temperatures around 20 degrees . I decided to wear the original weight white mid crew. I was very pleasantly surprised at how they kept my feet warm and dry. I was even running through some deep snow. At the end of the run my feet were very happy. No sore spots, no blisters , toasty warm and dry. The socks fit like a glove. There are no sagging areas and no extra material at the heel or ankle area.
The next day I ran with a friend on the same snowy trails for 8 miles and wore the original mid crew sock . It was after this run that I realized, I LOVE these socks. My feet were so happy with me and with the socks. I am sold and now find myself grabbing for these socks on all my runs. I am going to have to add to my sock stock with the Injinji socks!  

-Helps in protection from blisters or sore spots.
-Great quality with affordable prices
-Excellent fit
-Nice selection on styles and colors.

-A little longer time to get socks on into proper position with toes

Here is a little more information technically wise on the socks:

The blue/grey pair are lightweight and they are also no show.  They are also 75% Cool Max  22% Nylon and 3% Lycra so you know they are comfortable on long runs.  They kept my feel cool and because the toes are separate, I had less sweat on my feet at the end of a run.   .  I did like the thinness of the sock.  These are the thinnest running socks I've ever owned and I liked that quality in them. 

The black and white pairs are Original weight and they are mini-crew length.  They are 70% Cool Max  25% Nylon and 5% Lycra.  Again, these were really comfortable to run in.  They also kept my feel from sweating and while they were a heavier weight,   I also love the mini-crew length and the fact that the original weight kept my feet warm and dry in colder wet conditions. 

Interested in more on these socks? Give them a try and I am sure you will be surprised at the quality and comfort like I was.

Injinji Website Here

Injinji Facebook Here

Injinji Twitter Here

** I was given 3 pair of socks in exchange for the review. I was not required to give positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

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