Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conjunction junction what's your function?

Thanks to a friend I was reminded that today is the 40th anniversary of School House Rocks!  My favorites are Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here and The Body Machine.
File:School House Rock!.png

Terri and I went to see Lincoln this past Friday night and I loved it. I sat there and didn't even realize the movie was almost 3 hrs. Daniel Day Lewis was spectacular in the movie. Afterwards we ate at Zeppe's Pizzeria  I had a Californian Pizza with brocolli, artichokes and mushrooms. It was sooo good.

This past weekend was beautiful here in Akron. I ran 8 miles Saturday morning and then Terri and I went for   a bike ride on the bike and hike trails. We had to do a little dodging of some residual ice on the trails. Well worth it for some fresh air.

Trying my hand at some artsy things. I bought a sock loom and I am learning to knit and loom my own socks. I might have one sock by Christmas time.

Running wise- I am climbing back up in my miles. I am now about 12-17 miles a week and will keep increasing. I am a little more sore after runs but it is a good sore.
I signed up for my first race this year the Frostbite Prediction 5k  Here. I predicted a slower pace on purpose as to not push myself to hard out of the gates.
I am looking at doing the Erie PA Presque Island Half Marathon this year 9/15/13 and might try my hand at a local small half marathon On my own two feet. it takes place on 4/20 and it benefits local survivors of domestic violence.

Also want to say I love Pro Compression and how they feel.


  1. I keep hearing so many good things about Lincoln but I haven't seen it yet. The half in April is for a great cause. I hope it works out that you get to do that one!

  2. <3 I am looking forward to Saturday's run.