Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's official!

I have signed up for my first Half Marathon!!!
I was going to run the Akron Half Marathon this coming Sept, but after looking at the course map, I decided against it. Akron is not a small city, so I am not sure why the 1/2 course takes you over the same area 4 times. It just was not sitting right with me. Terri told me if it is not going to be fun for my first one, don't do it.
So the search began for another half to run. I was sure I didn't want to do one real soon and May and we have a cruise in Oct to work around. I found the Air Force Marathon in Dayton , but I saw how big it was and just did not want to get swallowed up in the crowd on my first half.
I decided on Erie Marathon in Presque Isle Pa. It is a very scenic course on the island and with Lake Erie as the backdrop. It is not a large race so that is nice for me(calms my anxiety). I made it official last night and signed up!!
I am excited, nervous, excited and nervous.
We are going to make it a weekend getaway . Terri and a friend Moni will be along as my support and my cheerleaders!!!
We found a quaint little motel to stay at. A mom and pop run place. Looks unique.

Last weekend , I think I overdid it. On Friday I ran 5 miles, Sat we took the bikes out for their first trip and did 10 miles. Sunday I ran 10 miles and then we biked later for 7 miles.
Needless to say I have not run yet again this week. Besides feeling like I overdid it, I am either having gallbladder issues or intestinal issues. Ultrasound done yesterday to see if it is gallbladder. Doc says I am at that age and with the weight loss, puts me at risk.

Here are some pics from last weekend biking

Terri, Dave and I

The Towpath we biked

 The Cuyahoga River along the towpath.

Me- just Jen


  1. Congrats on signing up! I hope you feel better:)

  2. That path looks like a nice place to ride. BTW you won my Manna Organics trail mix giveaway:)

  3. Congratulations on signing up for your first half! Sounds like that will be a fun weekend for you guys.