Thursday, September 20, 2012

Presque Isle Erie Pa Half Marathon

I did it!!!! I did it!!!

Terri , Moni and I headed to Erie Pa in the rain Friday afternoon for my Half Marathon Weekend.
We arrived at the Glass House Inn, a quaint little family run motel. It is a bit dated but we knew that. It was clean and that is what mattered. We headed to dinner at a local restaurant called the Colony. It was very good and I had a delicious Chicken Marsala. We headed back to the motel and played cards and boggle and laughed and relaxed.
Saturday morning after breakfast we headed to the Presque Isle state park for race packet pick up. It is soo beautiful out there and I got a good look at the race route. I was starting to get excited.

We saw places to rent bikes and hike and also boat tours. We decided to try the boat tours on Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay. Beautiful sun, scenery and relaxing. Ended the evening with a yummy pasta dinner at Serafini's.

Woke up bright and early on Sunday morning. There is only one way on the island and one way off. So traffic was expected to be high. So we needed to be at the race area by 6am. I was ok with that as it  gave me time to work out nerves and stretch really well.
It was time get line for the start. Nerves setting in more but excited. From advice that a fellow running friend told me.....don't rush jack rabbit. I didn't. They had water stops at every mile, plenty of bathrooms and
beautiful scenes. I did well and was still smiling for my pic at mile 5.7ish.
I finished strong and took it home in 2:09:16!!!!!!! Woot~~~
I did my first half!

Pros to this race-
They give a lot to charities and support groups.
Lots of water stops
Very Scenic
Very friendly

None that I can think of!

I hope to do this race again next year!!!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on running your first half. You are quite fast! So when is your next half?!

    1. Thank you, not quite sure yet, but I loved it and hope to do another.